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    Working Group Formed Ahead of GBGB Discussions
Working Group Formed Ahead of GBGB Discussions
Nottingham greyhound stadium. Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

Working Group Formed Ahead of GBGB Discussions

Trainer Phil Milner and owner George Sell, co-authors of the recent open letter to the GBGB, have established a working group to represent industry stakeholders in upcoming discussions with the board. Comprising passionate individuals deeply invested in the greyhound racing community, the group brings together a diverse range of expertise and experience.

The working group, listed alphabetically by surname, includes:

  1. Paul Blake, editor, Greyhound Weekly
  2. Tony Brealey, owner, Coppice Racing
  3. Jade Browne, assistant trainer, Adachi Racing
  4. Claire Conley, breeder/owner/rearer
  5. Matt Dartnall, trainer/breeder
  6. Callum Field-Mullins, kennel hand
  7. Kevin Hutton, trainer/breeder
  8. Tom Heilbron, trainer
  9. Nathan Hunt, trainer/breeder
  10. Phil Milner, trainer/breeder
  11. George Sell, owner/syndicate manager

Expressing her enthusiasm, Jade Browne stated, “I’m delighted to join this group to contribute to positive change for the sport's future. Unity among trainers, kennel hands, breeders, owners, and stakeholders is crucial for driving progress.”

George Sell emphasized the group's commitment to effecting real and lasting improvements in greyhound racing. He outlined plans for an initial meeting with the GBGB to establish positions and schedule further discussions on the points raised in the open letter.

Phil Milner highlighted the importance of forming the working group as a crucial step toward constructive dialogue with the GBGB. He expressed gratitude for the wealth of experience and knowledge within the group and welcomed additional input from stakeholders.

Moving forward, both Phil and George aim to formalize the group, establishing a name, committee, website, and communication channels to keep stakeholders informed about developments arising from the discussions.


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