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    Wimbledon dogs – an oral history
Wimbledon dogs – an oral history
Mick the Miller Mosaic, Wimbledon - Facebook

Wimbledon dogs – an oral history

The 23 interviews that form the Wimbledon Greyhound Racing oral history project are now available to be heard.

Organiser Jonathan Buckley said: “These are extremely interesting and important historical records and capture what the stadium was and what it meant to people as well as placing the sport in historical context. All of these interviews will be going to Merton Archives, Bishopsgate Institute and also Wimbledon in Sporting History and preserved and shared with generations to come who want to hear about the stadium and the sport. All of the interviews are also available to listen to now on the project website here”.

A preview of the documentary will be shown before the unveiling of the Mick The Miller mosaic. Now located at the ARC ground, it belongs to Roger Cearns whose family built and owned the greyhound/speedway/stock car stadium before it was bought out by GRA. Roger said: “The mosaic was originally given to me by Clive Feltham before the greyhound track closed down. I attempted to have it removed but it was impractical to do so in the time frame.”

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