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    Wicky Strikes Fear with a 30
Wicky Strikes Fear with a 30
Wicky Ned by Tony Brealey. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Wicky Strikes Fear with a 30

A stunning 28.45 run by Wicky Ned, owned by Neil McGregor and trained by Jimmy Fenwick, has left the competition trembling ahead of Sunday’s first round of the Bresbet Gymcrack.

Andrew Mascarenhas, Racing Manager at Sheffield, remarked, “We will have 30 runners instead of the planned 36, and I suspect most of that is down to Ned. Certainly, one trainer, who had a couple of pups trial on Sunday, told me, ‘I was going to enter but I can’t beat Wicky Ned’.”

The track also plans to conduct a local inquiry on the same day into the running of the 2.59 pm race last Sunday when Annual Benefit (scheduled for the 3.17 race) ran instead of Crystal Turtle.

Mascarenhas clarified, “It would be inappropriate for me to comment on the inquiry prior to it taking place. I would, however, like to clarify one point. Contrary to rumours on social media, I did not call the inquiry in response to social media.”

“I was away on holiday and wasn’t made aware of the issue until 15.40. By the time I spoke to the racing office, they had already spoken to steward Pete Rosney and made him aware. I then also contacted Pete.”

Given the circumstances, it seems unlikely that the stadium will dispute any charges.

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