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    Wicky Ned Triumphs in BresBet Gymcrack Final
Wicky Ned Triumphs in BresBet Gymcrack Final
Greyhound Racing. Source: Midjourney

Wicky Ned Triumphs in BresBet Gymcrack Final

Wicky Ned showcased his talent by clinching the BresBet Gymcrack title in a spectacular manner during Sunday’s £17,500 final, hinting at a potential return to Owlerton Stadium later in the year for a shot at a significant racing bonus.

The event sponsors have put forth an enticing offer of an additional £10,000 to any greyhound achieving victory in both the Gymcrack and Steel City Cup. Jimmy Fenwick's contender is a likely contender for the latter competition, with plans to skip the Towcester appearance and focus on the big prize.

In only his fourth appearance on UK tracks, the offspring of Droopys Sydney exhibited a remarkable start, swiftly establishing a commanding lead and securing a remarkable nearly five-length victory. Clocking in at 28.51 seconds for the 500-meter distance, Wicky Ned's performance was the fastest among all rounds of the puppy competition, outpacing the tenacious Heather Dimmock-trained Droopys Extragud.

In the supporting Owlerton Stadium Standard Final, Barrie Draper's Ballymac Tabia emerged victorious with a time of 29.07 seconds. Draper's kennel dominated the decider, securing a 1-2-3 finish, with Ballymac Tabia edging out stablemates Are Malikian and Ellanne Best to claim the top spot.

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