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    Whippet Enthusiast Nearing £10,000 Fundraising Milestone
Whippet Enthusiast Nearing £10,000 Fundraising Milestone
Shaun, complete with trademark shorts, with Whisper (Willow’s brother). Photo: Paul Blake. Source: thefinalwhistle.uk

Whippet Enthusiast Nearing £10,000 Fundraising Milestone

Shaun Reynolds, a well-known figure in the greyhound racing community, is admired by many for his kindness and dedication. Over a year ago, Shaun played a pivotal role in introducing me to greyhound racing photography through his company, Fortitude Communications.

Following the heartbreaking loss of his beloved whippet, Willow, to Alabama Rot on March 5th, Shaun embarked on a fundraising campaign to raise awareness about this deadly disease. What began as a modest goal of £10,000 has rapidly gained momentum, surpassing the halfway mark within a month and currently standing at an impressive £9,255, including donations outside the GoFundMe page.

Shaun's optimism about exceeding the initial target has grown, with hopes of reaching £12,500. In addition to ongoing online efforts, Shaun is organizing a whippet racing fundraiser on August 31 at Lambourn Sports Club. Despite the cold evening, Shaun's determination was evident as he shared plans to run four consecutive marathons next year in memory of Willow.

When asked about the allocation of funds, Shaun emphasized the urgent need for research funding, given the limited understanding of Alabama Rot. Partnered with the University of Surrey, the charity aims to advance knowledge about the disease's causes and potential treatments.

Shaun's relentless efforts, including media appearances, highlight his commitment to raising awareness and funds. His dedication is inspiring, underscoring the importance of community support in combating this devastating illness.

Despite the evening chill, Shaun's companion, Whisper, opted for a leisurely stroll on the track, showcasing the bond between man and canine, even in the face of adversity.


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