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    What Sets Apart a Legendary Sire?
What Sets Apart a Legendary Sire?
DROOPYS JET - an exception that proves the rule? Photo: STEVE NASH. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

What Sets Apart a Legendary Sire?

Breeding enthusiasts often rely on hindsight to discern astute observations about pedigrees, nicks, and crosses, writes Floyd Amphlett. However, forecasting success based solely on a sire's racing career defies historical precedent.

A glance at the list of leading open race sires over the past 37 years reveals some intriguing insights. Firstly, how many Irish Derby winners feature? Just one – Linda's Champion. And how much Irish form do the sires collectively boast? Not much, considering the exclusion of American imports like Sand Man, Kinloch Brae, and Hondo Black, along with Aussie imports Top Honcho and Frightful Flash.

Many of these sires, such as Slaneyside Hare and Whisper Wishes, had limited racing careers in Ireland. Even among the 'Droopys' line, only Jet had a significant Irish track record, while others like Vieri primarily raced in Britain, and Scolari and Sydney had minimal Irish racing experience.

On the other hand, where are the Irish champions among these leading sires? Champions like Due Reward, Late Late Show, Droopys Maldini, and others are notably absent from the list, despite their stellar racing careers.

Interestingly, breeders have traditionally hesitated to use dogs without a proven track record at Shelbourne Park, despite the challenges faced by these sires in climbing to the top of the list.

Breeders often prioritize speed and presentation, but their correlation with successful breeding careers remains tenuous at best.


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