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    What Makes a Towcester Derby Finalist?
What Makes a Towcester Derby Finalist?
Cochise (white jacket). Photo: Paul Blake. Source: thefinalwhistle.uk

What Makes a Towcester Derby Finalist?

Living deep within the intricacies of greyhound pedigrees, Phil Milner delves into the statistics behind the 30 greyhounds that have reached a Towcester Derby final.

Breeders aim to produce a dog with the speed, strength, stamina, and desire to endure the grueling six-week Derby course. But what makes a finalist? Here are some revealing statistics:

Average Weight: The average weight of a Towcester finalist is 34.48 kg.

Average Age: The average age of a finalist is 33.6 months.

Youngest Finalist: Mr Chelm, followed by Ballymac Fairone.

Oldest Finalists: Hiya Butt, Hello Hammond, and Priceless Jet share this title.

Training Background: 15 finalists have been English trained, and 15 have been Irish trained.

Gender: No bitches have reached a Derby final in the 5 runnings at Towcester.

Coat Colors:

  • Black: 21
  • Brindles: 3
  • White and Black: 2
  • Blue and White: 1
  • Black and White: 1
  • Blue and Brindle: 1
  • White and Brindle: 1

Whelping Months:

  • January: 2
  • February: 2
  • March: 3
  • April: 2
  • May: 3
  • June: 5
  • July: 5
  • August: 4
  • September: 2
  • October: 1
  • November: 1
  • December: 0

Preparation: The average number of prep runs close to the first round is 2.7. No dog has reached the final without a run around Towcester before the start.

Pedigree: From the last 3 finals (18 dogs), only 5 don’t have Brett Lee in their first five generations.

Weight Extremes:

Lightest Finalist: Astute Missile (followed by Tyrur Shay)

Heaviest Finalist: Thorn Falcon (followed by Cochise)

Trainer Stats:

Graham Holland: 20% of the finalists (6)

Patrick Janssens: 10% of the finalists (3)

Other Trainers: Cronin (2), Hennessy (2), Dowling (2), Wallis (2), Cahill (2), Rees, Green, Grey, Henry, Buckley, Hutton, Harrison, Lister, Fahy, Boon, and Keighley have all trained a finalist.

Breeding Coefficient: The finalists have an average breeding coefficient of 15.52%.

Dams' Class:

25 dams were open class.

4 dams were unraced.

Coolavanny Pearl was dam to both Clona Duke and Newinn Session.

Special Mentions:

Mr Chelm’s dam ran only once, finishing behind Unlock Unlock.

Mickys Barretts’ dam, The Other Tessa, won on the coursing field in the Knockgraffon Oaks Trial Stake.

These statistics paint a comprehensive picture of what it takes to become a Towcester Derby finalist, offering valuable insights for breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts alike.

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