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    Welfare Award Honours John & Patricia Nash
Welfare Award Honours John & Patricia Nash
Award Cup. Source: Midjourney

Welfare Award Honours John & Patricia Nash

The esteemed recipients of the 2023 National Greyhound Racing Awards' Welfare Award are Mr. John and Mrs. Patricia Nash, a dedicated husband and wife duo from Monard, Co. Tipperary.

For several years, John and Patricia have been instrumental in assisting numerous owners with the rehoming of their retired greyhounds. Their involvement extends to collaborating with Italian Rehoming Organizations, facilitating the smooth transition of retired greyhounds from their racing careers to loving families in Italy.

At their Monard Kennels, John and Patricia provide crucial interim care, comprehensive socialization, and thorough preparation for the greyhounds before they are rehomed with their Italian families. Since 2020, their efforts have resulted in the successful rehoming of approximately 60 greyhounds to their new homes in Italy.

In recognition of their outstanding contribution to greyhound welfare, John and Patricia will be presented with their well-deserved award at the National Greyhound Racing Awards 2023. The prestigious event is scheduled to take place at Limerick Greyhound Stadium on Friday, April 12th.


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