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    Wednesday Round-Up – Week 6, 2024
Wednesday Round-Up – Week 6, 2024

Wednesday Round-Up – Week 6, 2024

Defending Champion Bellmore Sally Takes Her Chance in the Golden Jacket

The deadline for entries to the prestigious Premier Greyhound Racing Golden Jacket, offering a £20,000 prize to the winner, closes today at NOON. Expecting a high-quality entry, the two-time winner Bellmore Sally is already confirmed for the competition. Trainer Jimmy Fenwick mentioned that although Sally has lost some early speed over the first four bends this year, she seems to be staying stronger. Fenwick expressed optimism about Sally's performance, indicating that while the Golden Jacket is a priority, her main focus this year will be the TV Trophy at Oxford.

Open Race Opportunities at Towcester and Sheffield

This coming Sunday presents various open race opportunities at both Towcester and Sheffield. The entries for both venues close today at NOON. To enter Towcester races, participants can email towcester@bags-racing.com or call the Racing Office at 0800 304 7700 ext 3. For Sheffield entries, individuals are encouraged to contact the racing office at 0114 322 1326.

Settling into Retirement

Hang On Mart, owned by Lee Pitman and trained by Peter Harnden, was recently retired due to an Achilles tendon injury. Peter shared that the greyhound, known affectionately as Queenie, settled into her retirement home remarkably quickly. Despite missing racing, Queenie has found a loving home, and Peter is confident she will have a great time with the couple who have previously provided a home for retired greyhounds.

Romford Owner Benefits

Romford is setting an example for how owners should be treated, with a focus on making them feel wanted and appreciated at the track. This approach aims to enhance the overall experience for greyhound owners.

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