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    Veteran Greyhound Trainer Norah McEllistrim Announces Retirement
Veteran Greyhound Trainer Norah McEllistrim Announces Retirement
Norah McEllistrim and others. Wimbledon 22.11.08. Pic: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Veteran Greyhound Trainer Norah McEllistrim Announces Retirement

Norah McEllistrim, marking her remarkable 50th year as a greyhound trainer, has announced her decision to retire from holding a licence.

Reflecting on her tenure and the transition, Norah stated: “We are still looking to confirm a date, but Gemma (Byford) will take over. It will probably be in the autumn, but we need to get some work done on the kennels and to get assistance from GBGB, you need to have had a trainer’s licence for in excess of three years.”

Taking over from her father Paddy, a presence in greyhound racing since the inaugural Wimbledon meeting in 1927, Norah has paved her path since 1974. While she eagerly anticipates handing over the reins, she plans to remain an active presence.

“I’m a morning person and plan to be down at the kennels most days at around 6.30am but will be gone by nine. That will allow Gemma to get her daughter sorted and then carry on,” Norah explained.

Expressing gratitude for her dedicated team, Norah emphasized the invaluable contributions of her staff, including Gemma, Tim Rowell, Dawn Hillier, and Kate Arris, some of whom have been by her side for over two decades.

Yet, despite her enduring love for the dogs, Norah admitted a growing disenchantment with racing: “I honestly thought that I would be doing this until the day I die. But as much as I love the dogs, I really don’t like racing anymore.”

Concerned about the shifting dynamics in the industry, Norah expressed apprehension about the potential consequences of owners being sidelined, envisioning a future where tracks monopolize greyhound ownership to the detriment of both parties.


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