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    UKAS Accreditation Granted to GBGB Kennels Scheme
UKAS Accreditation Granted to GBGB Kennels Scheme

UKAS Accreditation Granted to GBGB Kennels Scheme

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) is thrilled to announce that Supply Chain In-Sites (SCI) has received UKAS accreditation for the GBGB Greyhound Trainers Residential Kennels Scheme. This accomplishment signifies that both GBGB-licensed racecourses and residential kennels are now subject to assessment and granted UKAS-accredited certificates.

This extension underscores GBGB's ongoing dedication to welfare and care, ensuring applied and independently inspected standards across greyhound racing in Great Britain.

Since 2020, every greyhound trainer licensed by GBGB must undergo annual inspections of their kennels conducted by external auditors. This external examination supplements regular visits by GBGB's field force of Stipendiary Stewards, along with an annual veterinary inspection.

The GBGB Kennel Scheme strives to uphold consistent kennelling practices, aligning with the BSI PAS 251:2017 'Greyhound Residential Kennels' technical specification. This standard, developed by a steering group of stakeholders, offers an independent benchmark for racing greyhound kennels, supporting sound welfare practices.

Additionally, GBGB's Code of Practice for Residential Kennels furnishes trainers and kennel staff with a comprehensive, evidence-based guide covering all aspects of greyhound care for day-to-day operations.

Mark Bird, GBGB Chief Executive, expressed:

"Extending the UKAS accreditation to include the inspection of residential kennels was a key short-term objective within our welfare strategy, 'A Good Life for Every Greyhound', so we are pleased to have achieved it."

Dave Walker of SCI added:

"We are delighted to work with GBGB. Achieving accreditation of the scheme will result in GBGB-licensed trainers being recognised and certified for their hard work in maintaining and promoting welfare standards within the greyhound industry."


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