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    Tuesday Summary - Week 5, 2024
Tuesday Summary - Week 5, 2024

Tuesday Summary - Week 5, 2024

Cash Rewards for Sheffield Racers

In the wake of Sunday racing's introduction, Sheffield plans to extend its increased prize money for open races throughout February. Racing Manager Andrew Mascharenhas conducted a Twitter poll to determine preferences between higher runner-up rewards and increased winnings for the victors. The majority, over 70%, favored more for the winners. Despite the poll's intended purpose, discussions veered towards suggestions of both options and queries about graded racing.

Mascharenhas addressed the various suggestions, emphasizing the financial constraints of staging meetings. He clarified the adjustments made, with maiden races now offering £350 to the winner and standard races at £400, including Category Three race heats. The final winner of standard races stands to earn £600, resulting in £1,000 for two runs.

The upcoming 12-runner puppy competition, starting on February 11, is uncertain about its turnout due to simultaneous events at Newcastle and Monmore. However, it serves as preparation for the Steel City Puppy Derby in April.

Regarding the Steel City Puppy Derby, Mascharenhas expressed confidence that the prize money would at least match last year's £15,000 for the winner, if not exceed it.

Sheffield's Sunday afternoon fixtures have seen decent restaurant attendance, with three out of four weeks fully booked at 340 covers and one week at around 250 covers. While overall attendance might not be extraordinary for January, the restaurant turnout has been encouraging.

Caraxes has emerged as a standout performer on the track, winning four out of five open races. Despite challenges faced by owner Davy McLaughlin in securing races closer to home, Caraxes has proven his worth, attracting potential buyers, although he remains not for sale.

In the upcoming Bet365 Northamptonshire Sprint, the sponsor bets are as follows:

  • 2/1 Quarteira
  • 5/1 Bombout Bullet
  • 7/1 Hopes Knight
  • 10/1 Dashing Dude, Romeo Crusade
  • 12/1 Broadway Murty, Quagos Jack
  • 20/1 Bluejig Ophelia, Hopes Hurricane
  • 25/1 Antigua Sun, Stronger
  • 28/1 Letitwithme
  • 33/1 Knockboy Kay, Salthill Sniper, Singaporeslinger
  • 50/1 Boyneside Bigmac, Milton Noah
  • 100/1 Saffrons Dash


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