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    Tuesday Round Up – Week 8, 2024
Tuesday Round Up – Week 8, 2024

Tuesday Round Up – Week 8, 2024

Harnden plans to make NWL a GBGB matter

Peter Harnden, the GBGB Trainer’s representative, intends to raise the issue of the National Living Wage (NLW) with his fellow Board members as the UK approaches the April 1 deadline. As of that date, all employees over 21 will be entitled to £11.44 per hour, up from £10.42, reflecting a 9.8% increase. This change implies that anyone working a 35-hour week will now earn £400.40 per week.

Harnden expressed his personal disagreement with the NLW, viewing it as a stealth tax for the Treasury that increases the costs of goods and services. However, he highlighted the serious implications for the greyhound industry and called on the Board to monitor the impact on licensed kennel staff, considering the potential challenges in meeting these increased wage requirements.

He questioned whether the Board, which traditionally focuses on the welfare of the dogs, should also oversee the correct income for the people involved in the industry. Harnden suggested that if the Board is aware of underpaid licensed kennel staff or neglectful in ensuring proper wages, it could lead to problems in the future. He emphasised that additional costs cannot be absorbed by trainers and would need to be passed on to promoters, media rights companies, and ultimately, bookmakers.

Regarding criticisms on social media, Harnden defended his efforts at board level, stating that while he fights his corner, there are some arguments he cannot win due to the nature of being on a board.

He also expressed concerns about the recently introduced Code of Conduct, emphasising the need for close monitoring of its operation. Harnden is wary of potential issues arising from the vague wording of the code and fears interference with social media by the Board’s lawyers.

Finally, he addressed rumours about plans to restrict Derby entries following the decision to limit Cat One events to 36 runners. Harnden denied any discussions on this matter at the Board and emphasised that such a decision should be left to the promoter without moving the goalposts.

Mosaic unveiling

The unveiling of the Mick The Miller mosaic, originally laid in Wimbledon and rescued at the instance of English Heritage, is set to take place at the home ground of AFC Wimbledon on Friday, March 15. However, several individuals within the greyhound community have declined the invitation to the unveiling due to their dissatisfaction with the collaboration of AFC Wimbledon, Galliard Homes, and Merton Council in the closure of the greyhound stadium.

One owner, Mark Burridge, expressed his support for the sentiments within the greyhound community, stating that the mosaic being kept at a stadium under controversial circumstances is not something they are happy about.

Fraud alert

Greyhound kennels are cautioned to be vigilant for a former Sheffield trainer who allegedly scams kennels by offering to sell various types of kennel equipment but fails to deliver. Pippa Murphy, working for Paul Sallis, reported being a victim of this scam and urged others to be aware. Action Fraud is investigating the matter and encourages anyone else affected to report it to the hotline at 0300-1232040, referencing the case number 240206481827.


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