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    Tuesday Round Up - Week 3/2024
Tuesday Round Up - Week 3/2024

Tuesday Round Up - Week 3/2024

Racing Summary

Embarking on a unique venture in greyhound racing, Phil Milner and his partner Keeley Cunningham, based in Retford, find themselves in the spotlight as they own, breed, and train the finalists for Friday's BGBF British Bred Puppy Cup. The youngest contenders, July pups Keefill Goose and Keefill Maverick, are set to compete in the upcoming final.

Both dogs are offspring of Gemma Evans' Trafalgar Cup victor, Droopys Addition, and Tarsna Atlanta. Phil Milner shared, "I really wanted Droopys Addition to sire another litter. I spoke to Gemma about taking Addition, and after discussing the challenges of standing a stud dog with the owners, I insisted on taking him only if he became ours, which they agreed to."

Droopys Addition has already sired six litters, including an exciting one with Nah Then Bella, resulting in a promising pup that has impressed with a 16.18 time at the Sheffield sprint. Tarsna Atlanta, from Geoff Parnaby's 'Tarsna' dam line, had previously produced Tarsna Danny, an exciting young dog with a short-lived career.

Keefill Maverick and Keefill Goose, from the second litter, show promise, with Maverick displaying superior speed and forwardness. Phil Milner remarked, "Maverick has always been a couple of lengths quicker than Goose and also the most forward. By comparison, Goose is the goofy brother who hasn’t really grown up yet."

Despite their limited experience, both Maverick and Goose have reached the final, with Maverick even disputing favoritism with Romeo Cypher, who holds an advantage in age and experience. Maverick's recent performance in the semi-final, winning in 26.60 (+10), showcased his rapid improvement.

Reflecting on Maverick's initial round, Phil admitted, "I was disappointed with that first-round run, to be honest. More baffled really that he hadn’t won after he took the lead." The dogs have had minimal schooling, with just a few runs over both sprint and four-bend courses at Jeff Sealey's track.

Looking ahead to the final, Phil acknowledges the challenge of Maverick being drawn on the outside of Romeo Cypher but expresses optimism about a competitive race, especially if Maverick stays close. He also highlights the unpredictability of Goose, stating, "You can’t rule Goose out either, especially if he pings it."

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