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    Tragedy Strikes: Space Jet's Cancer Diagnosis
Tragedy Strikes: Space Jet's Cancer Diagnosis
Space Jet in the Regency Final. Photo: Steve Nash Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Tragedy Strikes: Space Jet's Cancer Diagnosis

It's with a heavy heart that owner Kurn Rushen shares the tragic news regarding the beloved Space Jet, whose journey to reclaim the TV Trophy was abruptly halted.

In a somber announcement, Rushen revealed, "I'm afraid she has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on her shoulder." Despite showing promise with a calculated trial time of 27.14 at Oxford just days before the diagnosis, the rapid progression of the aggressive cancer came as a shock.

The news has deeply saddened everyone in the kennel who cared for Space Jet daily, as they were closest to her. Rushen expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from greyhound fans, acknowledging Space Jet's ability to captivate hearts, much like marathon runners often do.

Currently, Space Jet is being managed with painkillers and is not displaying signs of discomfort. However, the Dartnall's, who oversee her care, are maintaining a vigilant watch over her condition during this challenging time.


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