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    Towcester's Fundraising for Greyhound Rehoming Gathers Momentum
Towcester's Fundraising for Greyhound Rehoming Gathers Momentum
Greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Towcester's Fundraising for Greyhound Rehoming Gathers Momentum

The ongoing Star Sports Bookmakers / TRC English Greyhound Derby at Towcester has not only been a thrilling spectacle for racing enthusiasts but also a hub of commendable fundraising activities dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of retired greyhounds. Led by Gail May, an owner and kennel hand, and Carly Philpott, a GBGB stipendiary steward, a passionate team of volunteers has been tirelessly working between races to raise funds for Whittingham Kennels, Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust, and Retired Greyhounds Canterbury.

These dedicated individuals, accompanied by their greyhound partners, have been actively engaging with racegoers, sharing the importance of their cause and encouraging donations. Their efforts have already yielded impressive results, with the current fundraising total standing at £1240. The team has set an ambitious goal of raising £2000, and they are well on their way to achieving it.

Gail May and Carly Philpott, along with a diverse group of volunteers, have created a vibrant and engaging atmosphere at the track. They introduce themselves and the greyhounds to the spectators, fostering a sense of community and highlighting the need for support in rehoming retired greyhounds. The greyhounds, with their gentle demeanour and charm, have been instrumental in attracting attention and donations.

The importance of this fundraising initiative cannot be overstated. Organizations like Whittingham Kennels, Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust, and Retired Greyhounds Canterbury play a crucial role in ensuring that retired racing greyhounds find loving homes and live out their retirement in comfort. The funds raised will go towards providing medical care, food, and shelter for these retired athletes, ensuring they transition smoothly from the racing track to a home environment.

Racegoers are encouraged to contribute to this noble cause. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a significant difference in the lives of these greyhounds. Supporters can make their contributions at the track over the next two weekends, where the team will continue their fundraising efforts. Alternatively, donations can also be made online by following the provided link.

The community's response to this initiative has been heart-warming, and the dedication of Gail May, Carly Philpott, and the entire volunteer team is truly inspiring. Their efforts are a testament to the love and care that these retired greyhounds deserve, and with continued support, they are hopeful of reaching their £2000 goal.

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