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    Towcester Introduces Additional Trial Sessions
Towcester Introduces Additional Trial Sessions
Towcester stadium. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Towcester Introduces Additional Trial Sessions

In response to the GBGB's regulations regarding kennelling at Towcester, the track is implementing extra trial sessions to accommodate the changes.

According to GBGB rules, greyhounds cannot be kennelled for racing more than one hour and 45 minutes before the first race. Additionally, another regulation stipulates that greyhounds cannot participate in trials unless they have been kennelled for at least 40 minutes.

James Chalkey, Towcester’s Head of Racing, explained, “We now have a 40-minute window available for trialing dogs. We will schedule eight trials during this time and will assess the situation to determine if more trials can be accommodated. While we have ample kennel space, the feasibility depends on timing.”

Chalkey further noted, “Given the anticipated demand for Derby trials, we are rearranging our trial sessions. We plan to conduct additional trial sessions on three Tuesdays in May, subject to arranging veterinary cover.”

The stewards' inquiry following the suspension of Racing Manager Andy Lisemore, concerning alleged breaches of kennelling times, is scheduled for one week from today.

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