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    Towcester Confirms Fixture Switch and Expanded Racing Schedule
Towcester Confirms Fixture Switch and Expanded Racing Schedule
Greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Towcester Confirms Fixture Switch and Expanded Racing Schedule

Towcester Racecourse has officially announced a significant change in their racing schedule starting this July. Trainers and enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting new lineup, as the venue will now host races every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon.

This change aims to enhance the racing experience and provide more opportunities for both local and visiting trainers. Towcester's management has emphasised their commitment to offering a diverse range of races, ensuring that every race day is filled with thrilling action and competitive spirit.

One of the notable highlights of the new schedule is the continuation of open races across all distances, particularly on Sunday afternoons. These races have been a cornerstone of Towcester's offerings, attracting top-tier greyhounds and trainers from across the region. The tradition will continue, ensuring that Sundays remain a day of high-stakes, high-speed racing.

In addition to the open races, Towcester plans to incorporate some graded races into the Sunday lineup. This blend of open and graded races is designed to cater to a wider range of greyhounds and trainers, providing more opportunities for participation and showcasing a broader spectrum of talent.

By expanding their fixture schedule, Towcester aims to accommodate the growing interest in greyhound racing and offer more frequent events for fans and participants alike. The midweek races on Wednesdays and Fridays, coupled with the weekend action, promise a packed calendar that will keep the excitement alive throughout the week.

Key Highlights of the New Schedule:

  • Race Days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.
  • Sunday Specials: Open races across all distances, with a likely mix of graded races.
  • Enhanced Opportunities: Increased participation and a diverse range of races to suit various greyhounds and trainers.

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