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    Time-ly Intervention Rescues the Juvenile
Time-ly Intervention Rescues the Juvenile
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Time-ly Intervention Rescues the Juvenile

Time Greyhound Nutrition has come to the rescue of 'The Juvenile,' an invitation event featuring six of the previous year's most promising puppies.

The one-off event, offering £3,000 to the winner (£400 for others), is set to take place at Towcester next Sunday (Apr 14). Currently, there are seven entries: Clona Curly, Droopys Reserve, Faypoint Harvey, King Memphis, Newinn Syd, Romeo Crusade, and Slick Sabo.

Towcester spokesman Billy Brennan expressed gratitude, stating, "First of all, a huge thanks to Willie Rigney on behalf of Time for stepping in at short notice. We are keeping the entries open until next Wednesday when the six runners will be selected."

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