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    The Irish Cesarewitch 600 Returns In 2024 With An Exciting New Format
The Irish Cesarewitch 600 Returns In 2024 With An Exciting New Format

The Irish Cesarewitch 600 Returns In 2024 With An Exciting New Format

Excitement is building as the 2024 Irish Cesarewitch prepares to unveil a thrilling new format, offering two runs for a first prize of €10,000. Hosted at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium, this Classic event will feature 36 greyhounds competing for victory, with the six heat winners advancing to the final showdown on St Patrick’s Day.

With a total prize fund of €20,000, this year's Irish Cesarewitch guarantees that the final winner not only claims the prestigious title but also receives a €10,000 cash prize along with a commemorative trophy.

In addition to the grand prize, the competition offers a second-place reward of €3,500, while the third-place finisher secures €2,000. The remaining finalists will each take home €1,000. Furthermore, a consolation final ensures that all participants have the opportunity to showcase their talent on the track.

The action kicks off with the first round on Sunday, March 10th, marking the beginning of what promises to be an electrifying series of races.

Derek Frehill, Director of Racing, who launched the new format, commented, "We are thrilled to introduce this innovative format to the Irish Cesarewitch. With substantial prize money up for grabs, we anticipate attracting top-tier talent to the event. The condensed schedule, with only two runs, ensures that greyhounds remain fresh and competitive, allowing trainers to set their sights on future races, including the prestigious Shelbourne 600. We believe that this revamped format will reaffirm the Cesarewitch as a premier event on our racing calendar. Additionally, we hope that this initiative will generate interest not only in Ireland but also attract attention from English trainers."

Cesarewitch 2024 details:

The Cesarewitch will commence on Sunday, March 10th, with the final taking place on Sunday, March 17th. This two-run event, featuring 36 greyhounds, boasts a first-place prize of €10,000.


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