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    The Enigmatic Lineup of the BGBF British Bred Maiden Derby
The Enigmatic Lineup of the BGBF British Bred Maiden Derby
ROMEO COMMAND - preparing for his second Derby attempt Photo: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

The Enigmatic Lineup of the BGBF British Bred Maiden Derby

As the trap draws are announced for upcoming open race competitions, the focus typically gravitates towards established stars dominating the ante-post market. However, the stage is set for a different kind of spectacle at the BGBF British Bred Maiden Derby, set to kick off at Newcastle on Thursday.

This tournament presents a captivating blend of seasoned campaigners and promising newcomers, offering a complex and intriguing landscape for greyhound enthusiasts. While names like Fill The Till (48), Finborough Flyer (54), and Bang On Polly (29) bring experience and resilience from afar, the local contingent adds depth and unpredictability to the mix by venturing into open company.

Yet, it's the emerging young talents that steal the spotlight, promising a glimpse into the future of greyhound racing. With Kevin Hutton's quartet, including the robust Coppice Frank and the promising Rioja Bungle, alongside Phil Milner's progressive duo, Keefills Chase and Everest, the competition brims with potential.

Jill Sutherst's Wittons Myles and Witton Echo, along with exciting transfers like Romeo Crossfire and Romeo El Aguila, further add to the intrigue. Not to mention, Queen Joni's sister, Queen Ariana, under the care of Angela Harrison, promises to make her mark.

Amidst this dynamic lineup, all eyes are on Untold Quetzal, poised for his racing debut, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling event.

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