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    Team McNair celebrates as Shakira shines in Arc Kent Plate
Team McNair celebrates as Shakira shines in Arc Kent Plate
Queen Shakira. Source: premiergreyhoundracing.co.uk

Team McNair celebrates as Shakira shines in Arc Kent Plate

The McNair kennel made a resounding statement at Central Park on Saturday, claiming five out of six heat victories in the Arena Racing Company Kent Plate, with Queen Shakira leading the charge with the fastest time on the clock.

Defending their title from last year's victory with Fromposttopillar, the McNairs, Liz and Rab, kicked off this year's campaign in style. Queen Shakira set the pace with a time of 29.06 seconds in heat one, followed by impressive wins from kennelmates King Capaldi (29.21s) and King Memphis (29.34s), along with Queen Joni (29.48s) and Queen Georgia (29.36s).

The only non-McNair winner was Slick Sabo (29.65s), trained by Patrick Janssens, who showcased resilience after a first-bend bump to secure victory. Janssens also dominated the heat with kennelmates Edwards and Druids All Go taking the second and third spots, respectively.

In the upcoming semi-finals of the Arena Racing Company Kent Plate at Central Park over 491m, the trap draw unfolds as follows:

First semi-final:

  1. King Memphis (Liz McNair)
  2. Slick Sabo (Patrick Janssens)
  3. Drive On Lad (Richard Rees)
  4. Droopys Reserve (Maxine Locke)
  5. Druids All Go (Patrick Janssens)
  6. Miracle (m) (Patrick Janssens)

Second semi-final:

  1. Whyaye Man (Mark Wallis)
  2. Queen Joini (Liz McNair)
  3. Ballymac John (Mark Wallis)
  4. Edwards (Patrick Janssens)
  5. Asbo Lenny (Paul Donovan)
  6. Bet Shop Boy (m) (Patrick Janssens)

Third semi-final:

  1. Singalong Stacey (Katie O’Flaherty)
  2. King Capaldi (Liz McNair)
  3. Queen Georgia (Liz McNair)
  4. Queen Shakira (Liz McNair)
  5. Newinn Deejay (m) (Mark Wallis)
  6. Uncle Fredde (m) (Richard Rees)

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