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    Swaffham Greyhound Track on the Market: Owner Hopes for Racing Revival
Swaffham Greyhound Track on the Market: Owner Hopes for Racing Revival
Swaffham greyhound track. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Swaffham Greyhound Track on the Market: Owner Hopes for Racing Revival

Eddie Lesley, the owner of the Swaffham greyhound track, has put the venue on the market for £1.6 million. Despite this move, Lesley remains optimistic about the possibility of greyhound racing returning to Swaffham in the future.

Lesley, who has laid a grass track and owns a considerable amount of equipment, acknowledged that much of it is now quite old. He explained his decision to sell: “There are leases in place that protect the uses on site. An excessive workload elsewhere means that I need to dilute my responsibilities. My objective is to retain rights to operate the dogs, on which I continue to spend a lot of money.”

The history of Swaffham's greyhound racing dates back to 1987. The track enjoyed years of activity before closing in 2000. Lesley’s commitment to the sport and the facility remains strong, and he hopes that new ownership could pave the way for a revival.

The venue's strategic location and existing infrastructure make it a unique opportunity for potential buyers interested in reviving the sport in the area. Lesley's efforts to maintain the track and equipment underscore his dedication to preserving the legacy of greyhound racing at Swaffham.

Lesley’s intention to continue investing in the operation of greyhound racing, even amidst the sale, highlights his enduring passion for the sport. He believes that under the right circumstances and with a capable new owner, Swaffham could once again become a hub for greyhound racing enthusiasts.

The sale of Swaffham marks a significant moment for the local community and the greyhound racing industry. Lesley's hopes for the track's future reflect a deep-rooted commitment to the sport and a desire to see it flourish once more.

As potential buyers consider this opportunity, the legacy and potential of Swaffham greyhound track hang in the balance, with the promise of a possible revival on the horizon.

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