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    Droopys Supply Leads the Pack in Gymcrack Heats; Draper Secures Treble
Droopys Supply Leads the Pack in Gymcrack Heats; Draper Secures Treble
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Droopys Supply Leads the Pack in Gymcrack Heats; Draper Secures Treble

In an electrifying display of speed and skill, Droopys Supply surged ahead to claim the title of fastest heat winner in heat six of the BresBet Gymcrack at Sheffield. Sunday afternoon proved to be a memorable occasion for local handler Barrie Draper, whose kennel enjoyed an exceptional performance, securing victories in three out of the six heats.

Draper's formidable team made their mark with Ballymac Wylder (29.23sec), Headford Tadgh (29.23sec), and Ellanne Run (29.02sec) triumphing in heats two, three, and four, respectively. This stellar performance ensures Draper's strong representation in Sunday's semi-finals of the 500m puppy competition, which has now shifted from Kinsley to Sheffield.

However, it was the Patrick Janssens-trained Droopys Supply who stole the spotlight, emerging as the swiftest heat winner. Leading off the second bend with impeccable precision, Droopys Supply left his competitors trailing behind, clocking an impressive 28.87sec for the one-lap distance, outpacing Wicky Ned, who put up a valiant effort despite early crowding.

Following closely behind, Tom Heilbron's Greenwell Coe showcased his prowess by claiming the next fastest time, crossing the finish line in 28.92sec. Meanwhile, the hot favorite Droopys Extragud, under the guidance of Heather Dimmock, demonstrated strong-running capabilities to secure victory in 29.10sec.

In addition to the Gymcrack heats, Sheffield hosted the final of the Owlerton Stadium Dual Distance Final, with the Tom Heilbron-trained Links Weapon emerging victorious in 28.91sec.

Trap Draw for Sunday’s Gymcrack Semi-finals:

First Semi:

  1. Coppice Leger
  2. Ballymac Lawless
  3. Ellanne Run (m)
  4. Ballymac Wylder (m)
  5. Greenwell Coe (m)
  6. Bramble Tango (w)

Second Semi:

  1. Wicky Ned
  2. Coppice Saphire
  3. Miss Syd (m)
  4. Amazing Peach (m)
  5. Droopys Supply (m)
  6. Sleepy Millie (w)

Third Semi:

  1. No Better Feelin
  2. Droopys Extragud
  3. Not So Slow (m)
  4. Aikins Gift (m)
  5. Headford Tadgh (m)
  6. Toddys Thunder (m)

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