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    Suncroft Festival Puppy Oaks Elevates Prize to €10,000
Suncroft Festival Puppy Oaks Elevates Prize to €10,000
Greyhound dog. Source: Midjourney

Suncroft Festival Puppy Oaks Elevates Prize to €10,000

Shelbourne Park is set to host the prestigious Suncroft Festival Puppy Oaks, renowned for its showcase of emerging talent in greyhound racing. The winner of this esteemed event will now receive a substantial prize of €10,000, marking a significant increase from the previous €5,000 purse. This enhancement underscores Greyhound Racing Ireland's commitment to elevating the prestige of the competition.

The Suncroft Festival Puppy Oaks, open to 24 pups born in May 2022 or later, will commence on April 6th, offering fans the opportunity to witness the promising future stars of greyhound racing in action.

Expressing excitement about the event's return, Director of Racing Derek Frehill stated, "We are thrilled to announce the return of the Suncroft Festival Puppy Oaks to Shelbourne Park, and we extend our thanks to Tony Howard for his generous sponsorship." Frehill further emphasised Greyhound Racing Ireland's dedication to promoting and celebrating the exceptional talent of young greyhounds in the sport, highlighting the organisation's commitment to enhancing the competition's prize fund.


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