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    Romeo Crossfire Poised for Victory in BGBF BBMD Final
Romeo Crossfire Poised for Victory in BGBF BBMD Final
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Romeo Crossfire Poised for Victory in BGBF BBMD Final

The saying 'draws win finals' likely originated at a kennel sweepstake at Belle Vue in 1926, and it has kept bookmakers in good spirits ever since. This principle holds particularly true in the upcoming BGBF BBMD Final, where the field composition and race dynamics favour certain contenders.

With half of the field averaging fewer than three races each, and featuring five railers, the layers will see an opportunity to capitalise on the final. Several dogs appear more suited to the middle than the rails, setting the stage for a competitive race where strategic positioning will be crucial.

Blackhouse Alan, if breaking near level, may attempt to move inward at the traps and possibly impede Rioja Bungle. Meanwhile, Romeo Jackson's connections are hoping for a better start than in the semis, which shouldn't be too difficult. However, he may encounter traffic as he aims to shift across to the rail.

On the outside, Romeo El Aguila is expected to lead up, though his 'comfortable' line to the bend could push Queen Ariana wider than preferred.

In contrast, Romeo Crossfire, who showed promise behind Untold Quetzal in the early stages last week, is in a prime position on the inside. Based on his first-round form, he is on par with any dog in the race and offers excellent value for punters.

Betting Odds:

  • 7/4 Romeo Jackson
  • 2/1 Rioja Bungle
  • 5/2 Romeo Crossfire
  • 10/1 Romeo El Aguila
  • 16/1 Queen Ariana
  • 33/1 Blackhouse Alan

With the stage set for an intriguing final, all eyes will be on Romeo Crossfire to see if he can capitalise on his advantageous draw and secure victory.


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