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    Rolex Aims to Shatter Crayford Curse
Rolex Aims to Shatter Crayford Curse
DAZL ROLEX (t5 left) wins the PGR Golden Jacket Final. Photo: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Rolex Aims to Shatter Crayford Curse

Dazl Rolex is set to challenge the long-standing Crayford curse with an ambitious bid for the Ladbrokes Kent St. Leger, commencing this Sunday.

No greyhound has ever clinched the coveted Crayford eight-bend double Jacket/Kent St. Leger, despite numerous attempts over the years. Mark Wallis stands as the closest contender, having defeated Jacket favourites Antigua Fire and Bo Shine Bullet, both of whom went on to claim victory in the Leger.

For Jimmy Fenwick, the narrative took a different turn as Bellmore Sally clinched the 2022 and 2023 Golden Jackets, only to secure second place to 10/1 winner Riing Coco in the first year, followed by a narrow half-length loss to Low Pressure twelve months later.

Trainer Ricky Holloway has confirmed the participation of the 2024 Jacket winner Rolex, who has recently posted impressive trial times of 23.19 and 23.00 over 380 metres, alongside litter sister Razldazl Amanda.

Their path is obstructed by the formidable MWD team, featuring Ballymac Taylor and Coonough Crow, who secured third and fourth place in this year’s decider, as well as Minnie Bullet, who claimed fourth in 2023 alongside Crow, who finished sixth.

With entries closing tomorrow and only six entries currently confirmed out of the required 36, the racing office is contemplating the possibility of once again reducing the first round to 24 entries.

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