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    Revised Entry System for BGBF British Bred Produce Stakes
Revised Entry System for BGBF British Bred Produce Stakes
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Revised Entry System for BGBF British Bred Produce Stakes

Significant changes have been made to the entry process for the BGBF British Bred Produce Stakes, effective immediately.

The Two Year Old Produce Stakes, initially established in 1946 at Bristol and later relocated to Swindon in 1998, stands as a pivotal competition for young British-bred greyhounds. Historically, it operated on a four-stage entry system, beginning with the litter stage, followed by individual pup acceptance, second acceptance, and final acceptance.

Mrs. Sue Warren, who managed entries at Swindon for several years, is retiring. Consequently, the BGBF and Swindon have agreed to modernize the entry system, aligning it with other Category 1 competitions. Moving forward, only one entry will be required, simplifying the process for participants. The closure date for entries will be published in the BGBF Calendar, with this year's final scheduled for September 19th.

Entry conditions mandate that greyhounds must be British-bred, whelped in the relevant year (2022 for the 2024 competition), and fully named and registered in the Greyhound Stud Book.

Prize money for the final remains unchanged, with £10,000 plus a trophy awarded to the winner, £2,000 for second place, and £1,000 for other finalists. Additionally, the breeder of the winner will receive £2,000 plus a trophy, while breeders of other finalists will receive £500.

Liz Mort, Chair of the BGBF, expressed optimism about the changes, anticipating positive reception from breeders, trainers, and owners. She acknowledged the Produce Stakes as a crucial developmental platform for young greyhounds and emphasized the simplification of the entry process, which aims to increase eligibility.

Peter Geeves, Assistant General Manager at Swindon, acknowledged Mrs. Warren's dedication to the competition over the years and thanked her for her service. He emphasized the importance of modernizing the competition with the BGBF's support, ensuring its continued significance in the greyhound racing calendar. Refunds will be issued for any stage entry payments received for this year's competition.

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