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    Retired Greyhounds Enjoy a Memorable Day at Burton Albion
Retired Greyhounds Enjoy a Memorable Day at Burton Albion
Volunteers with the dogs. Source: burtonalbionfc.co.uk

Retired Greyhounds Enjoy a Memorable Day at Burton Albion

On April 10, 2024, the Pirelli Stadium buzzed with excitement as retired greyhounds stole the show ahead of Burton Albion's League One match against Oxford. PAWS replaced boots pitchside as Cav and Honour, two retired greyhounds, charmed supporters with their presence.

The Brewers graciously welcomed volunteers from Midlands-based Home Run Hounds, dedicated to finding racing greyhounds suitable homes in retirement. This marked the beginning of a new partnership between the football club and Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, set to host a Burton Albion FC themed race night later in the year.

Joined by Clive Parbery, Tracey Parbery, and Jo Withers from Home Run Hounds, Cav and Honour paraded around the touchline, raising awareness about the fantastic suitability of greyhounds as pets in retirement.

Tracey Parbery, Director of Home Run Hounds, expressed gratitude to Burton Albion FC for their hospitality and highlighted the opportunity to educate people about greyhounds' suitability as pets. She emphasized the laid-back nature of greyhounds, debunking misconceptions about their exercise needs.

Home Run Hounds, an approved Homing Centre by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB), is dedicated to facilitating greyhound retirement through the GBGB's Greyhound Retirement Scheme. This scheme assists with the costs associated with a greyhound's retirement, ensuring their well-being while awaiting suitable homes.

Representing Nottingham Stadium, Lacie Moran echoed the sentiment, praising Cav and Honour as fantastic ambassadors for retired greyhounds. She expressed gratitude to Burton Albion FC for their warm welcome, looking forward to future collaborations.

With Cav and Honour stealing hearts and spreading awareness, Burton Albion FC's partnership with Home Run Hounds promises to continue advocating for the well-being of retired greyhounds, ensuring they find loving homes in their retirement years.

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