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    Remembering George Bradnock
Remembering George Bradnock
Man with a greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Remembering George Bradnock

Perry Barr's Racing Manager, Martin Seal, has shared the sad news of the passing of George Bradnock, affectionately known as 'George The Bread,' who passed away at the age of 75 after a prolonged illness.

George Bradnock was deeply involved in greyhound racing for over thirty years, following in the footsteps of his father. His presence was a familiar and cherished one in the Midlands greyhound community. Known for delivering greyhound feeds, equipment, and sundries, as well as his signature loaves of bread, George was a popular and reliable figure among trainers.

His passion for the sport was evident in his successful training career. George trained Clonee Express, a standout greyhound that won multiple four-bend opens at Perry Barr and Hall Green in the late 2000s. Despite receiving a significant offer of £20,000 for the white and brindle dog, George and his brother Malcolm chose to keep their prized racer.

George was known for his ever-present smile and boundless enthusiasm for greyhound racing. His willingness to help anyone in need, without hesitation, made him a rare and treasured personality in the sport. George Bradnock made numerous friends throughout his lifetime, each of whom will feel his absence deeply. His legacy of kindness and passion will be fondly remembered by all who knew him.

Our thoughts are with George's family during this difficult time.

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