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    Remembering Frank Melville and George Bradnock
Remembering Frank Melville and George Bradnock
Simon Harris unveiling of the Mick The Miller mosaic. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Remembering Frank Melville and George Bradnock

A big thanks to former Hall Green, Wimbledon, and Coventry Racing Manager Simon Harris, who returned to Plough Lane for the unveiling of the Mick The Miller mosaic at its new location at the home of AFC Wimbledon.

(Or, as he put it, "attached photo of two old Wimbledon relics")

Simon said: "I was very saddened to hear of the recent deaths of two proper greyhound men, Frank Melville and George Bradnock, albeit from different ends of the greyhound world.

"I knew Frank as both a trainer and Senior Stipendiary Steward. In his latter role, like many others, I would often find myself on the receiving end of a bollocking for some minor misdemeanour. But with Frank, you knew you probably deserved it, and he always had the best interests of greyhound racing at heart (probably a bit too much for some).

"However, I think I’m not alone in wishing that this great sport of ours currently had someone of Frank’s experience and ‘stickler for the rules’ attitude at its helm.

"In a similar vein, I knew George Bradnock and his father and brother during my time at Hall Green when they were doing the rounds delivering bread and the like. George was a great character who always had a funny story or some gossip to share. George and his father before him would do anything they could to help everybody, and he will be sadly missed.

"Rest in peace, Frank and George."

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