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    Queen Georgia Shines in Sheffield's 480m Challenge
Queen Georgia Shines in Sheffield's 480m Challenge
Queen Georgia. Source: gbgb.org.uk

Queen Georgia Shines in Sheffield's 480m Challenge

In the opening round of the Time Greyhound Nutrition 3 Steps To Victory at Sheffield, Queen Georgia stood out with an electrifying performance, nearly breaking the track record over 480m. The tri-distance event, with semi-finals over 500m and a final over 660m, witnessed a stellar display from Liz McNair's home-bred Queen Georgia, showcasing the prowess of the December 21 litter by Droopys Sydney out of Queen Jessiej.

Queen Georgia dominated heat one with a powerful run, securing a remarkable victory by five and a quarter lengths over Magical Rubble and Untold Taka. Her impressive time of 27.27sec (normal) came tantalizingly close to the track record, setting the stage for an exciting semifinal showdown.

Other notable performances included Miami Bullet's impressive win in 27.33sec and Boylesports Gift's successful debut under Michelle Dobson. As the competition intensifies with the upcoming semi-finals, featuring top contenders like Wraysbury Katie and Savana Heross, Sunday promises another thrilling day of greyhound racing at Sheffield.

Andrew Mascarenhas, Sheffield's director of racing, praised Queen Georgia's outstanding run and highlighted the fierce competition expected in the upcoming rounds. With a diverse lineup of seeds advancing to the semi-finals, spectators can anticipate a riveting display of talent and skill in the quest for victory.

Semi-final Trap Draw:

First Semi-final:

  1. Wraysbury Katie
  2. Miami Bullet
  3. Noelles Milano
  4. Queen Georgia
  5. Magical Rubble (m)
  6. Untold Taka (w)

Second Semi-final:

  1. Boylesports Gift
  2. Havana Top Note
  3. New Destiny
  4. Savana Heross
  5. Acomb Irene (m)
  6. Bramble Tango (w)

Third Semi-final:

  1. Burgess Bono
  2. Golden Palace
  3. Clairekeith Remy
  4. Lightfoot Clark (m)
  5. Farneys Willie (m)
  6. Millridge Tanic (w)

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