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    Public opinion – Australians do not support greyhound racing
Public opinion – Australians do not support greyhound racing

Public opinion – Australians do not support greyhound racing

All surveys of the general population regarding public attitudes to greyhound racing show most Australians do not want greyhound racing to continue, nor do they want their tax dollars used to support it.

In an extensive poll of Tasmanians in 2023, 62 per cent of respondents said they opposed greyhound racing, with almost half (46 per cent) opposing it strongly. Only 11 per cent supported it, with only three per cent saying they supported it strongly.

  • A national survey commissioned by GREY2K USA Worldwide and CPG in 2022 found a majority of Australians both oppose greyhound racing and want an end to taxpayer funding. Read more
  • Independent research commissioned by the Greens in 2021 found Australians are overwhelmingly concerned about animal welfare and supportive of key animal welfare policies. Key statistics include that 54% of respondents support a ban on greyhound racing. Read more 
  • A Channel 7 News poll in 2018 asked: “The NSW government today donated $500,000 to the richest dog race in the world. Is this a good use of taxpayer’s money.” 95 percent of the 39.8K respondents answered NO Read more
  • An ABC poll asked if there should be an Australia-wide ban on greyhound racing. 82 percent of respondents said YESRead more
  • Independent research commissioned by the RSPCA was conducted regarding the greyhound racing ban. Two out of three people in NSW and the ACT supported the ban. Read more
  • The RSPCA canvassed attitudes to animal welfare prior to the 2021 WA election. More than seven in every ten Western Australians, whether they live in suburbia, on rural properties or in regional towns, say animal welfare is important or extremely important to them.   Read more


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