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    Previewing The Crayford Sale At Premier Greyhound Sales - Part I
Previewing The Crayford Sale At Premier Greyhound Sales - Part I
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Previewing The Crayford Sale At Premier Greyhound Sales - Part I

The upcoming Premier Greyhound Sales event at Crayford on May 15th, 2024, promises a diverse selection of greyhounds for trials beginning at 10 am. Mark Pierrepont provides a sneak peek at some highlights from the catalogue:

GIZMO BAHOO: This August 2022 son of Magical Bale and Down The Green displayed impressive trapping ability and early pace in a recent Dundalk race. With lineage from the renowned Dam Down The Green, including Irish sprint sensation Gizmo Cash, Gizmo Bahoo shows promise for success at venues like Crayford and Romford.

AFFLECK ASSASSIN: A lightly raced August 2022 son of Ballymac Bolger, Affleck Assassin boasts three wins in Ireland and demonstrates significant early pace, making him well suited for sprint races at Crayford and Romford.

KNOCKMANT VENUS: This June 2022 daughter of Burgess Bucks has shown promise with second-place finishes over 525 yards at Mullingar. Primed for success on shorter four-bend courses, Knockmant Venus is poised to excel in the UK.

KNOCKMANT SASSY: Another promising prospect, Knockmant Sassy exhibits early pace ideal for the UK's shorter four-bend courses, indicating potential success in graded races.

KIPPAGH ARROW: An unraced November 2022 pup by Ballymac Anton, Kippagh Arrow shows potential for improvement, especially on galloping circuits, given his size and breeding.

TWINNERZ: This unraced September 2022 son of Magical Bale, with a sister already a race winner in the UK, hints at early dash and potential success on the track.

DROOPYS TOOTSIE: A daughter of Droopys Sydney, Droopys Tootsie hails from the renowned Droopys stud and is expected to develop into a promising performer.

DROOPYS YODA: Another standout from the Droopys lineage, Droopys Yoda, showcases promising lineage and potential to follow in the footsteps of top performers from the stud.

PERFECTO LOMAX: This August 2022 son of Droopys Sydney and Scooter demonstrates untapped potential, likely to progress rapidly through the grades.

RAPIDO ARLO: A daughter of Kinloch Brae, Rapido Arlo posted an impressive trial time and shows promise for future success.

BLAZEAWAY BETTY: An unraced February 2023 prospect, Blazeaway Betty, shows exceptional potential as a future performer, with lineage from proven open class performers.

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