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    Premier Greyhound Sales – Sheffield Preview
Premier Greyhound Sales – Sheffield Preview

Premier Greyhound Sales – Sheffield Preview

The upcoming Premier Greyhound Sales event is scheduled at Sheffield's Owlerton circuit on March 6, 2024. The gates will open at 9 am, trials set to commence at 10 am, and the auction will follow approximately 30 minutes after the day's final trial. Refreshments will be available at Sheffield's stadium bars. Renowned greyhound expert Mark Pierrepont provides a comprehensive preview of the sale:

  1. OFF THE FENCE - Unraced July 2022 son of Sizzling Daisy, a proven producer of top-class greyhounds.
  2. TRUMPS MUGSHOT - Unraced September 2022 dog pup by Burgess Bucks out of Maytown Bard.
  3. MOVEIT MOVEIT - Promising unraced member of the July 2022 litter of Droopys Sydney and Dolce Vita.
  4. LASTMINUTEDOTCOM - Super early-paced unraced puppy prospect by Broadstrand Bono out of Hop The Ball.
  5. DROOPYS QUEEN - Unraced lady with potential, an August 2022 daughter of Dromana Bucko and Droopys Berry.
  6. DROOPYS UGO - Unraced August 2022 bitch pup with promising trials, a daughter of Droopys Jet out of Droopys Saga.
  7. AMAZING PEACH - Inexperienced and unraced youngster from a promising litter.
  8. GOOD SOPHIA - Massively exciting prospect, an unraced bitch puppy from the Portumna West dam lines.
  9. POPTHECHAMPAGNE - Unraced August 2022 dog pup by Burgess Bucks out of Ballymac Notoyou, impressing with early pace.
  10. LOVES STARLIGHT - Unraced bitch pup with massive potential, daughter of Dorotas Wildcat and Sidarian Pearl.
  11. CAREFULLY SELECT - Highly thought of unraced son of Droopys Sydney out of Dolce Vita, a proven producer.
  12. HAS A SQUEAK - Unraced June 2022 bitch pup, gaining experience in trials, part of a successful litter.
  13. RAPIDO LU LU - Unraced August 2022 bitch pup out of 2019 Irish Puppy Oaks Champion Cracked Lady.
  14. RAPIDO BEN - Full unraced brother to Lu Lu with promising trials around Waterford.
  15. ROMANTIC RICARDO - April 2022 son of Savana Puma showing promise in sprints and trials.
  16. BALLYCOOLE MAGGY - Lightly raced April 2022 bitch by Ballymac Eske, expected to improve.
  17. BILLIONAIRE BOY - July 2022 son of Malachi and Cielo, breeding with promise, and high expectations for on-the-day trials.
  18. DAFFODILL MULLIGAN - Full sister to Billionaire Boy, gaining experience in trials at Shelbourne Park.
  19. EASY CREED - Unraced September 2022 son of Burgess Bucks and Ballymac Saga from the Easy kennel.
  20. PHARIS NUNEZ - Unraced July 2022 son of Broadstrand Bono showing early zip in Irish qualifying trials.
  21. AMAZING FORCE - Litter brother to Miss Syd, a top lot at Crayford sales, displaying professional looks.
  22. AMAZING PIXIE - Promising litter sister to Miss Syd, showing a great turn of foot during schooling.
  23. MADAM TIGER - Unraced coursing-bred March 2022 bitch showing track ability, impressive trial at Limerick.
  24. MOANTEEN BONO - Unraced November 2022 dog pup by Broadstrand Bono, expected to improve with age.
  25. SWIFT ELDER - Unraced July 2022 son of Malachi, won the only trial at Clonmel, showing promise.
  26. SWIFT BARBER - Unraced June 2022 son of Droopys Sydney and Coney Peninsula, on-the-day trial will be of interest.
  27. RAPIDO SLING - Unraced May 2022 daughter of Droopys Sydney and Enable, showing promise in Irish qualifying trials.
  28. DROPSIE - Exciting unraced May 2022 dog pup by Ballymac Bolger, expected to excel in galloping circuits.
  29. INTREPIDITY (EX – DROOPYS BIZZIE) - Lightly raced young bitch showing signs of maturing into a high-class individual.
  30. INFLUENCERS - Unraced young bitch with a nice touch of early pace, reared and schooled perfectly by the Matthews team.
  31. LETS GET SMASHED - Unraced July 2022 bitch showing promise in trials, a wide-margin winner around Dundalk.
  32. MAXIMUM CALIBRE - Open class puppy prospect with promising breeding, two trials displaying comfort at Lifford and Shelbourne Park.
  33. MAKE IT EASY - Exiting unraced September 2022 bitch pup prospect, promising trial at Shelbourne Park.
  34. VITAL LAST HIT - Full brother to Make It Easy, running out a 14-length winner in the only trial at Shelbourne Park.
  35. CHASING EVIE - Unraced June 2022 bitch pup, showing good promise in trials at Clonmel.
  36. CLUENDARBY ROBIN - Two-time race-winning bitch in Ireland with a solid performance record at Clonmel.
  37. GOOD MAVERICK - Unraced July 2022 dog with a top-class litter, showing promise in early work.
  38. EPIC GOLD - July 2022 dog by Ice on Fire, with no mark on his card and potential for improvement.
  39. PEARLS MAGIC - Unraced September 2022 bitch pup showing staying power in schooling trials.
  40. SHADOW WARRIOR - Full unraced brother to Pearls Magic, a promising young pup.
  41. EASY TARA - August 2022 bitch pup from the Easy kennels, improving with every run.
  42. EASY DAL - Unraced prospect from Barry Rocks, showing promise in schooling trials.
  43. SHE GOES WOSH - Well-thought-of Ballymac Bolger bitch, displaying early pace in trials.
  44. MISS MOO - Lightly raced September 2021 bitch by Droopys Sydney, yet to win a race but showing potential.
  45. GOOD PIXIE - Another promising member of the Broadstrand Bono and Good Diva litter of July 2022.
  46. AMAZING ROMEO - Full brother to Miss Syd, underperformed previously but expected to show true potential at Sheffield.
  47. RAPIDO STYLE - Unraced August 2022 bitch pup by Dorotas Wildcat and out of 2019 Irish Puppy Oaks Champion Cracked Lady.
  48. RAPIDO SUE - Full unraced sister to Style, won the only trial on her card around Waterford.
  49. DROOPYS BRIDGET - September 2022 bitch pup from the King Sheeran litter out of Droopys Meteor.
  50. DROOPYS HISTORIC - Hugely exciting unraced prospect, an August 2022 dog pup by Dromana Bucko out of Droopys Berry.
  51. GANGSTER GRANNY - Hugely exciting unraced bitch by Malachi out of Killinan Reina, with a promising pedigree.
  52. HONDA FIFTY - July 2022 whelp from the Ballymac Bolger and Bling Bling Lola litter, highly anticipated due to its lineage.


  1. GOULANE SHARK - Lightly raced January 2022 bitch by Broadstrand Bono, expected to win graded races.
  2. PERFECTO LENIHAN - August 2022 son of Droopys Sydney and Scooter, no marks on the card, open-class potential.
  3. TAKE THEM ON - Unraced September 2022 dog pup by Deerjet Sydney out of Droopys Guide, expected to develop into a nice type.
  4. PERFECTO FAME - Unraced bitch from the Droopys Sydney x Scooter litter, promising trial, high potential in high grades.

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