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    Omuircheartaigh Stays In Uk For Jeal And Hutton
Omuircheartaigh Stays In Uk For Jeal And Hutton
Greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Omuircheartaigh Stays In Uk For Jeal And Hutton

Having represented Ireland and the FOMO Syndicate in recent UK races, Omuircheartaigh is now set to remain across the water as Nic Jeal steps in to acquire the formidable son of Broadstrand Bono and Lemon Ariana.

Under the guidance of Tom Heilbron, Omuircheartaigh reached the finals of both the Northern Puppy Derby at Newcastle and the Puppy Derby at Monmore. Now, he is poised to join the ranks of English Derby-winning trainer Kevin Hutton, where he will be rebranded as Antigua Eagle.

Omuircheartaigh also clinched a commendable third place in the National Puppy Stake at Shelbourne Park towards the end of last year. It's reasonable to anticipate that he will now aim for the Star Sports & TRC English Derby, where the step up to 500m could significantly play to his strengths.

Wayne McCarthy, a member of the FOMO Syndicate, initially acquired the dog as a young pup and expresses mixed feelings about parting ways. "It's somewhat bittersweet, to be honest. I purchased him as a pup from Tom Lennon and then syndicated him. Nalin Monerawela handled his schooling, and Eamon Reynolds did an exceptional job training him to achieve third place in the National Puppy Stake."

"As a syndicate, we collectively decided to send him to Tom Heilbron in Newcastle. Tom did an outstanding job, guiding him to the finals of the Northern Puppy Derby and Monmore Puppy Derby. While I would have liked to retain ownership, the other members felt it was the right time to sell, and perhaps they're right. It's possible my attachment to the dog clouded my judgment. The dog's name held sentimental value for me."

"He's a fantastic greyhound and is sure to secure a major victory at some point. I feel for Tom Heilbron, as he did a remarkable job with the dog, and I encourage others to consider entrusting him with top-class dogs. Lastly, I'd like to extend my best wishes to Nic Jeal. He's acquired a remarkable greyhound."

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