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    Not Bungled Second Time
Not Bungled Second Time
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Not Bungled Second Time

Rioja Bungle showed his quick learning abilities in the BGBF British Bred Maiden Derby, the ante-post favourite who initially struggled with inexperience in the first round, demonstrated his pre-competition prowess with an impressive win in Thursday’s second semi-final at Newcastle.

Joining him in next Thursday’s final are three Romeos, a Queen, and an ‘Alan’. The quickest of the Firmager/Heilbron runners was Romeo Jackson, who capitalized on first-bend trouble to power home in 28.71.

The third qualifier was messy, with Witton Myles being knocked out at the first bend after Untold Quetzal appeared to struggle from the third bend onwards. Romeo Crossfire took full advantage to win in 28.94.

Final Betting:

6/4 Romeo Jackson

2/1 Rioja Bungle

5/2 Romeo Crossfire

8/1 Queen Ariana, Romeo El Aguila

33/1 Blackhouse Alan

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