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    No Greyhound Ban for Scotland!
No Greyhound Ban for Scotland!
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

No Greyhound Ban for Scotland!

The Scottish Government has decided not to ban greyhound racing.

Government minister Jim Fairlie stated: “At this time, the Scottish Government is not persuaded of the need to ban greyhound racing in Scotland.”

Despite there being only one remaining track in Scotland, located in Thornton, this decision is a significant victory for GBGB Managing Director Mark Bird. Bird led a delegation to Scotland to contest the potential ban, engaging in constructive discussions with Minister Jim Fairlie.

Bird and his GBGB colleagues will undoubtedly highlight the Scottish decision in future discussions with the Welsh Senedd as well as with civil servants and politicians within Westminster.

Mark Bird commented: “We welcome the comments made by the Minister during today’s RAI Committee meeting that the Scottish Government is continuing to consider the licensing of greyhound racing in Scotland. We wholeheartedly agree that a ban on the sport is not a proportionate step and would only serve to dismantle the social fabric of communities involved in the sport. Moreover, it would jeopardise welfare standards, leaving greyhounds’ lives at risk.

“Whilst GBGB doesn’t currently regulate any tracks in Scotland, we are committed to supporting high welfare standards across the regions. As the Scottish Government continues to consider the benefits licensing would bring to the sport in Scotland, we welcome the opportunity to engage with the Minister and his officials.”



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