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    News From Cork
News From Cork

News From Cork

News from Cork brings exciting updates from Curraheen Park Track Awards, where outstanding achievements are celebrated. The prestigious awards recognise the best in the industry, showcasing the excellence and dedication of participants.

The recently announced winners of the Curraheen Park Track Awards are as follows:

  • Dog of the Year: JACKTAVERN BOLT
  • Owner of the Year: DONAL G O'MAHONY
  • Owner of the Year: GER CROWLEY
  • Public Trainer of the Year: KIERAN LYNCH
  • Private Trainer of the Year: JAMES KELLEHER
  • Private Trainer of the Year: PAT KIELY

The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 9th of March, promising a gathering of esteemed personalities from the greyhound racing community.

In addition to the award updates, there's an anticipation of upcoming sales, adding another layer of excitement to the greyhound racing scene. The first trial for these sales is set to kick off at 8:30 am, featuring 60 lots. The sales catalogue, expected in the middle of next week, will provide detailed insights into the offerings. Stay tuned for further announcements and developments related to this eagerly awaited event.

On the racing front, the spotlight is on the semi-finals of the TIME Greyhound Nutrition Cork Cup scheduled for Saturday night. As the competition intensifies, greyhound enthusiasts and racing aficionados eagerly anticipate the thrilling performances that will unfold on the track.


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