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    Liz McNair's Queen Joni Shines Bright at Hove's Judgement Night
Liz McNair's Queen Joni Shines Bright at Hove's Judgement Night
Liz McNair and the PGR Judgement Night trophy Hove 4th May 2024. Photo: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Liz McNair's Queen Joni Shines Bright at Hove's Judgement Night

Queen Joni stole the spotlight once again as Liz McNair and the KSS Syndicate celebrated their maiden victory at the Trainers Judgement Night, sponsored by Premier Greyhound Racing. The electrifying evening showcased top-tier racing talent at Hove, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

In a breathtaking finale for the bitches, Queen Joni delivered a jaw-dropping performance, breaking the track record over 500m and securing a decisive win. Racing against formidable rival Crafty Shivoo, Queen Joni surged ahead from the start, leaving her competitors trailing behind. Liz McNair's strategic use of the 'joker' for double points propelled her team to victory, clinching the coveted Trainers' Championship Meeting title.

The night kicked off with a thrilling display of talent in the Premier Greyhound Racing Night Puppies, where Richard Rees's Clona Kody emerged victorious. John Mullins then stunned the crowd with Signet Goofy's unexpected triumph in the Premier Greyhound Racing Night Sprint.

The competition intensified with each race, reaching a climax in the Premier Greyhound Racing Night 515. Mullins showcased his expertise with a remarkable performance from Aayamza Sydney, securing a crucial win despite fierce competition from King Memphis and Newinn Syd.

Mark Wallis's Garfiney Blaze dazzled in the Premier Greyhound Racing Night Stayers, demonstrating unmatched stamina and speed over 695m. However, the spotlight returned to Liz McNair and her star performer, Queen Joni, in the final leg of the Premier Greyhound Racing Night Bitches. With nerves running high, Queen Joni delivered a flawless performance, sealing victory for McNair and the KSS Syndicate.

Brendan Keogh of the KSS Syndicate expressed his elation at the team's success, praising Queen Joni's exceptional performance and crediting the collective effort of the kennel staff. The victory was a testament to meticulous planning and dedication, marking a memorable moment for all involved.

As the curtains closed on an unforgettable night of racing, accolades poured in for Queen Joni and the triumphant McNair team. Their victory underscored the thrill and excitement of greyhound racing, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this exhilarating sport.

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