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    Lifford Stadium Update Following Meetings with GRI and SIS
Lifford Stadium Update Following Meetings with GRI and SIS
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Lifford Stadium Update Following Meetings with GRI and SIS

Lifford Stadium is pleased to announce productive discussions with Greyhound Racing Ireland (GRI) and Sports Information Services (SIS). These conversations mark a significant step towards enhancing our operations and expanding our reach.

Lifford aims to be included in SIS's schedule of Irish greyhound racing, a critical move for increasing off-course tote pool volumes through our innovative low-retention tote model. This inclusion would build on the success of our on-course pools and extend Lifford's racing presence to fixed odds bookmakers in the UK and Ireland.

Key Outcomes from the Meetings:

·       GRI's Support: GRI expressed broad support for Lifford’s inclusion in SIS’s racing schedule, contingent upon meeting SIS’s established racing standards and metrics. While SIS shows openness to including Lifford, they defer to GRI’s decision and do not engage directly with individual stadiums.

·       SIS's Stance: SIS affirmed their satisfaction with the current GRI-SIS racing product and will rely on GRI’s assessment regarding Lifford’s inclusion. SIS will require Lifford to meet specific performance metrics and technical standards for seamless integration into their content offering.

·       Next Steps: GRI will provide Lifford with the necessary performance metrics for review. Lifford will work diligently to meet these metrics, ensuring our racing meets the expectations of both GRI and SIS. Additionally, Lifford will address technical, racing management, and data-upload requirements to facilitate smooth distribution by SIS.

·       Racing Adjustments: To align with other tracks in the SIS schedule, Lifford will implement several changes, including reducing the number of sprint races, tightening grading, and minimizing vacant traps. We will also increase the greyhound pool to support robust 10- or 12-race programmes.

Lifford remains confident in meeting these requirements and looks forward to confirming further details soon. An additional update will be provided as progress continues.


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