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    King Memphis Emerges as Sole Unbeaten Runner in Derby Semi-finals
King Memphis Emerges as Sole Unbeaten Runner in Derby Semi-finals
Greyhound. Source: Midjourney

King Memphis Emerges as Sole Unbeaten Runner in Derby Semi-finals

The elimination of Crafty Shivoo and the defeat of The Other Kobe has left King Memphis as the only unbeaten runner heading into the semi-finals of the 2024 Star Sports & TRC English Derby.

Trained by Liz McNair, King Memphis received a favourable draw in the quarterfinals, an opportunity he took full advantage of. Although slightly behind Whyaye Man at trap rise, breaking roughly level with Ballinabola Ed, King Memphis surged ahead into the first bend and maintained his lead. His Derby record, which previously boasted wins in 28.58EqTR (+10), 28.78, and 28.74, was updated with the fastest run of the night at 28.65.

The first heat seemed destined for Crafty Shivoo, provided she had a good start. Unfortunately, she didn't. Droopys Pivotel trapped first and moved across the track, with Superfast Gorden edging to the middle. Meanwhile, Churchfield Syd took an uncontested lead on the outside and maintained it, finishing in 29.08. Pivotel secured second place, while defending champion Gaytime Nemo narrowly edged out Shivoo for a spot in the semi-finals by a head.

Front runners have dominated the Derby so far, and that trend continued with The Other Kobe taking an early lead in the third quarterfinal. However, for the first time, the 2023 Irish Derby winner appeared vulnerable. Ballymac Slick capitalized on this, showcasing excellent track craft to win in 29.12.

Boylesports Bob, known for his strong finishes, especially from the third bend, lived up to expectations in his heat. His 4.08 sectional start followed a 4.36 in his previous outing, and although he didn't get as clear a run as Churchfield Syd, he managed to navigate through the railers' interference to post an exceptional 28.68 time, solidifying his place in the semi-finals.

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