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    Kevin Overdue For Some Good Fortune?
Kevin Overdue For Some Good Fortune?
British Bred Trophy. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Kevin Overdue For Some Good Fortune?

Owner, trainer, and breeder Kevin Ferguson doesn’t hold back when assessing the BGBF British Breeders Stakes Final on Monday. “Jimmy has a chance and a bit of a chance. I’ve got four, half chances,” he shares.

While Coppice Gracie has dominated the lead-up to the final, Ferguson's Acomb kennel has consistently showcased impressive performances in past competitions, albeit falling short at crucial moments.

Reflecting on previous attempts, Ferguson recalls Acomb Alfie's disappointing finish in the 2023 decider and the near misses of Acombs ‘Winston’, ‘Jenny’, and ‘Lilian’ from previous years. Despite the setbacks, Ferguson remains hopeful for a breakthrough victory.

Regarding his chances this evening, Ferguson analyses, “Coppice Gracie is a very good bitch with time in hand. If one of mine was to break at their best, they could stop her cutting across.”

Assessing his quartet of contenders, Ferguson identifies Irene as the standout performer over shorter distances, with notable sprint form from Felix and Johnny. However, he remains pragmatic about their prospects against stiff competition.

Looking ahead, Ferguson acknowledges the strong contenders but holds respect for his fellow competitors, stating, “If Rab had entered some of his, we might not have managed it. What greyhounds he has there. But Jimmy and his wife are also nice people, and we have always got on well.”


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