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    Kevin Hutton Dominates BGBF British Bred Puppy Cup Heats at Oxford
Kevin Hutton Dominates BGBF British Bred Puppy Cup Heats at Oxford

Kevin Hutton Dominates BGBF British Bred Puppy Cup Heats at Oxford

Kevin Hutton heads into the semi-finals of the BGBF British Bred Puppy Cup at Oxford with an impressive showing, securing victory in all three heats and boasting six semi-finalists. The Derby-winning trainer demonstrated his prowess at the Cowley venue, making a strong start to the year.

The 450m British-bred competition at Oxford kick-started the big season at the track, with the weekend's heats delivering notable performances from the young pups. Hutton's treble included success for two littermates from the latest batch of promising youngsters sired by super-dam Forest Natalee.

Coppice Ella emerged as the quickest on the clock in the race of the round, engaging in a fierce battle with Keefill Maverick. Despite both being led by Romford Puppy Cup third-place finisher Romeo Cypher, it was Coppice Ella, a daughter of Droopys Sydney and Forest Natalee, who clinched victory. She outpaced Keefill Maverick in the final stretch for a one-length success in 27.02 seconds (normal). Union Rebel, also trained by Hutton, claimed third place, with Romeo Cypher securing the fourth spot to qualify for the semi-finals.

In the second heat, Dreamin Bea, another littermate trained by Hutton, secured victory with a fast start. She held off challenges from Cowgirl and favourite Keefill Dares to win by a length and a quarter. The winning time was 27.42 seconds (normal). Dreamin Bea's kennel mates, Southfield Petal and Coppice Frank, also advanced to the semi-finals.

Union Blizzard kick-started Hutton's treble in the first heat, delivering an impressive front-running performance. Despite the commendable effort from runner-up Keefill Goose, Union Blizzard crossed the line three-quarters of a length ahead in 27.11 seconds (normal). The third position went to Pro Cooper, followed by Beach Bull, contributing to a strong local representation in the GBGB Category One competition.

Simon Pearson, Oxford racing manager, expressed satisfaction with the exciting semi-final lineup, emphasizing the compelling narrative unfolding in this year's event. Despite Hutton's dominance, Pearson acknowledged the strong performance of Phil Milner's runners, particularly noting Keefill Dares' challenging heat. Oxford anticipates a busy and successful year, with upcoming events like the TV Trophy and the Galaxy Marathon replacement featuring Space Jet on the horizon. The focus now shifts to the eagerly awaited semi-finals and final of the British Bred Puppy Cup in the new Saturday morning slot on SportyStuff TV.

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