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    Kent Leger Semi-Finals
Kent Leger Semi-Finals
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Kent Leger Semi-Finals

The field narrowed down to six contenders, and according to the semi-final betting, the anticipated sextet all progressed to the Ladbrokes Kent St. Leger Final slated for next Sunday.

Coonough Crow showcased its signature swift start, swiftly seizing the lead and maintaining it throughout, effortlessly clocking another sub-45.00 run. The double Golden Jacket finalist left no room for challenge, with Daxl Rolex trailing behind. Despite the tight five-runner race, Ballymac Taylor managed to secure a spot in third place amid the crowded field.

Benefiting from a favourable inside draw, Baywatch Bullet surged ahead, delighting forecast backers who eagerly awaited their winnings as the competitors crossed the line for the initial lap. While there were fleeting concerns as the green-hued hound navigated the first bend akin to a speedway rider, its inherent class prevailed, securing a mere length's lead over its closest competitor.

As frequently observed at Crayford, the draw for the final has the potential to completely reshape the outcome of the entire event.

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