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    Joni's Strong Performance Puts Shivoo Rivals on Notice
Joni's Strong Performance Puts Shivoo Rivals on Notice
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Joni's Strong Performance Puts Shivoo Rivals on Notice

Crafty Shivoo showcased her resilience in the semi-finals of the Coral Brighton Belle at Hove on Saturday, overcoming a challenging start to secure victory in the final.

Despite facing interference from Bubbly Bombay at the boxes, Mark Wallis’ runner demonstrated remarkable composure, accelerating quickly to lead at the first bend and dominating the race thereafter. Crossing the finish line three and a half lengths ahead of Queen Dusty in 30.06 seconds, Crafty Shivoo is now poised to face off against Liz McNair’s contender in the highly anticipated final, along with McNair’s kennelmate, Queen Joni.

Queen Joni, a multiple Category One winner, delivered an impeccable performance in the third semi-final. Leading the pack from the start, she maintained her lead against Romford-based rival Droopys Eunice, securing victory by nearly three lengths in the fastest time of the semis, 29.98 seconds over the 515m distance.

In the opening semi-final, Kevin Hutton’s Southfield Daisy emerged victorious, seizing the lead early on alongside Nathan Hunt’s Allowdale Cazoo. Maintaining her position at the front after the second bend, Southfield Daisy finished first in 30.11 seconds. Despite being the favourite, Queen Shakira struggled to make an impact after a slow start and crowded turn, failing to challenge the front runners.

Meanwhile, in the supporting Hove Puppy Cup, Untold Dollar, winner of the Premier Greyhound Racing Puppy Derby, secured the fastest heat victory with a time of 29.18 seconds over the 500m distance. Drawing trap one in the upcoming final, Untold Dollar looks to continue his impressive form.

Trap Draw for Saturday’s Coral Brighton Belle Final - Hove, 515m:

  1. Crafty Shivoo (Mark Wallis)
  2. Droopys Eunice (Maxine Locke)
  3. Southfield Daisy (Kevin Hutton)
  4. Queen Joni (Liz McNair)
  5. Allowdale Cazoo (m) (Nathan Hunt)
  6. Queen Dusty (w) (Liz McNair)

Trap Draw for Saturday’s Hove Puppy Cup Final - Hove, 500m:

  1. Untold Dollar (Carol Weatherall)
  2. Droopys Pivotel (Maxine Locke)
  3. Good Couture (Paul Marchant)
  4. Getup Me Champ (Belinda Green)
  5. Droopys Dialogue (m) (David Dark)
  6. Ballymac Zari (m) (Kevin Hutton)

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