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    Joint Working Group and GBGB Initiate Dialogue
Joint Working Group and GBGB Initiate Dialogue
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Joint Working Group and GBGB Initiate Dialogue

In response to an open letter addressed to the GBGB calling for enhanced standards in greyhound racing, a working group comprised of prominent figures within the industry convened for discussions with the board. This inaugural meeting, intended as the first of a series, marked the initiation of a collaborative effort to address pertinent issues highlighted in the letter.

Representing the working group were Kevin Hutton, Jade Browne, Tony Brealey, Phil Milner, and George Sell, all esteemed members with extensive experience and a shared passion for greyhound racing. Expressing their concerns and aspirations for the sport, the group emphasized the need for constructive dialogue to steer greyhound racing towards a brighter future.

Key points of discussion included concerns regarding professionalism and standards across the sport, inconsistencies in the owner and trainer experience among different tracks, welfare standards, communication between stakeholders and GBGB, and the financial model for participation.

In a promising turn of events, GBGB acknowledged areas of agreement with the letter's contents and affirmed their commitment to addressing the outlined challenges. They welcomed the opportunity for collective responsibility and expressed readiness to collaborate with stakeholders to effect positive change.

GBGB provided insights into their ongoing efforts, including the formulation of a comprehensive Welfare Strategy crucial for the sport's sustainability amidst external pressures. Additionally, discussions were held regarding funding mechanisms and strategies to enhance industry standards.

A roadmap for future engagements was outlined, with scheduled meetings dedicated to addressing specific areas of concern, including standards and professionalism, ownership experience, welfare, safety, training, and charting the sport's future trajectory.

Reflecting on the meeting, representatives from both sides expressed optimism about the prospect of meaningful change. They highlighted the importance of continued dialogue and collaboration in tackling the multifaceted challenges facing the sport.

Moving forward, the joint working group and GBGB remain committed to fostering open communication and pursuing tangible outcomes for the betterment of greyhound racing. With a shared vision and collaborative spirit, they aim to address the sport's challenges comprehensively and ensure a sustainable future for all stakeholders.


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