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    Janssens Out – Heilbron In
Janssens Out – Heilbron In
People with greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Janssens Out – Heilbron In

In a notable turn of events, Patrick Janssens has made the decision to withdraw from the upcoming Premier Greyhound Racing Judgement Night at Hove on May 4. Taking his place is Tom Heilbron, a familiar face in the greyhound racing circuit who secured seventh place in the 2023 Trainers Championship.

Rob Abrey, shedding light on the situation, remarked, “Patrick found himself short of ladies for the event and decided he couldn’t field a team. I reached out to Tom and offered him the opportunity to step in. Within half an hour, he confirmed his entry, which is fantastic news for the event.”

Expressing his enthusiasm, Heilbron stated, “It's a great honour to be involved in such a prestigious event after following it closely over the years. While our team might lack some familiarity with the track, depending on the outcome of other events, we are eager to seize this opportunity. Perhaps if Bogger Rambo had a smoother run in the All England Cup, we might have accumulated enough points to secure a spot in the top six. Nevertheless, we're ready to make the most of this chance and give it our all.”

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