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    Irish Standouts of the Week
Irish Standouts of the Week

Irish Standouts of the Week

Truth be told, this week's Irish Performances of the Week aren't the most thrilling we've seen this year. Many tracks are reduced to a single meeting, and most of the top contenders are comfortably resting.

Shelbourne Park, however, had some noteworthy moments. Lets Go Bubbles and Quivers Magic secured the two fastest Christmas Oaks quarterfinals. Droopys Sydney not only sired all four winners but also predicted the quartet of forecasts.

Highjay Muzzy claimed victory in the 1,045 Shelbourne Marathon Final, recalling his earlier success as the 40-1 outsider in the €10K 850-yard race at the Winter Festival meeting. This time around, he was a relatively modest 3-1 chance.

Keep an eye out for Rachel Wheeler's Annagh Bailey, setting a new fastest 550 time of the year at Galway. Lastly, meet Superfast Gordon, not only the second-fastest hound over Tralee's 525 yards this year but possibly the most fabulously named hound in all of Ireland.


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