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    Irene Sets the Pace, Capaldi Misses Out in ARC Laurels
Irene Sets the Pace, Capaldi Misses Out in ARC Laurels
Greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Irene Sets the Pace, Capaldi Misses Out in ARC Laurels

The first round of the ARC Laurels at Perry Barr on Saturday saw Acomb Irene, the British Breeders Stakes runner-up, clocking the fastest time of the night with an impressive 28.24 run. However, the evening held a surprise as the heavily favoured King Capaldi stumbled out of the boxes in the same heat, resulting in an unexpected defeat.

The event encountered a brief setback when one of the runners had difficulty getting into the traps, leading to their removal for re-inspection by the track vet before the races resumed.

Owner, breeder, and trainer Kevin Ferguson enjoyed success as British Breeders Stakes winner Acomb Felix secured a double victory in heat 5.

Links Maverick displayed strength in the second season, overtaking Bettys Jack in the opening heat. Eze, last year’s Pall Mall runner-up, clinched victory in his heat with a time of 28.43, only a length behind Maverick on the clock. Unfortunately, Aero Sacundai faced elimination due to cramping, despite showing promise.

Wicky Hiker, trained by Phil Barlow, posted a quick 28.32 run, surpassing both Maverick and Eze. Local favourite Darley Diglake bowed out of the event, setting the stage for Hiker to contend with Irene and Maverick in what promises to be a challenging semi-final.

Jet Stream Angel, under Kevin Hutton's guidance, demonstrated her affinity for Perry Barr once again, finishing behind No Rush in last year's Oaks Final (later reversed by the stewards) and securing victory in heat four.

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